2016 Course Gallery

Preparing the net for the netgun2016-04-16T12:42:18+02:00
Monitoring and cooling an immobilised zebra2016-04-16T12:26:41+02:00
Dart rifle practice on the range2018-01-11T13:08:14+02:00
Dart rifle practice on the range2016-04-16T12:24:33+02:00
Monitoring breathing and checking pulse2018-01-11T13:09:57+02:00
Monitoring an immobilized donkey2018-01-11T13:10:40+02:00
Discussing the plan before immobilizing a buffalo cow2016-04-16T12:12:41+02:00
Examining the heart of an Impala ram2016-04-16T12:10:46+02:00