About the Course

The Course comprises a blend of formal lectures practical, interactive training and fieldwork. Veterinarians, researchers and conservation practitioners come from all over the globe to participate in this highly rated course which is an excellent opportunity to learn and network with a wide array of highly skilled and experienced lecturers and student participants from diverse backgrounds and locations.



The course is organised by the Wild Capture Africa Trust and is hosted on the Malilangwe Wildlife Estate, located in Zimbabwe’s south-east lowveld.

Malilangwe is a 105 000 acre multi-use game ranch, hosting a wide range of wildlife and operated under the Malilangwe Trust, a wholly Zimbabwean non-profit organization dedicated to wildlife and environmental conservation, and sustainable community development.
The Estate has a large number of wildlife, including 145 elephant, 1000 buffalo, 200 eland, 170 giraffe, healthy populations of lion, painted wolves, black & white rhino and many other species. Located in the south-east lowveld, Malilangwe spans several unique and varying ecosystems and habitats providing a breathtaking backdrop to this unique experience.

Participants are  accommodated at the Hakamela Camp, which is a custom designed education/conference facility located within the boundaries of the Malilangwe Wildlife Estate. Comfortable twin lodgings are supplied. Lectures are held in a modern, thatched lecture room, whereas practical demonstrations are held in both the field, at the Captive Breeding Center and in the Hakamela gardens.


The 10-day course is held in February of each year.

Participants can fly into Harare, where road transport to Malilangwe will be arranged. Alternatively, participants may travel by vehicle from surrounding countries and from various locations in Zimbabwe.


The Course is a comprehensive training course for veterinarians, researchers, and managers involved in wildlife and conservation work.

The primary purpose of the Course is to train and accredit Zimbabwean Dangerous Drugs License (DDL) applicants as required by the Dangerous Drugs Act of Zimbabwe. Participants from outside of Zimbabwe can be selected based on merit and official recommendation from other African countries and Internationally.


Notwithstanding the fact that the course is accredited by the Zimbabwe Veterinary Association Wildlife Group (ZVA WG) and Medicine Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) for the purposes of training of Dangerous Drugs License (DDL) applicants in Zimbabwe, and notwithstanding the accreditation of the Course for the purposes of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of Veterinarians by the Council of Veterinary Surgeons of Zimbabwe (CVSZ) and the South African Veterinary Council (SAVC) – attendance of the Course does NOT entitle or permit any person to acquire, possess or administer any scheduled substance in Zimbabwe or any other country.

Lecture Topics

The course is comprehensive and addresses many important aspects of the safe and effective chemical and physical restraint of wildlife. Some current lecture topics include:

  • Basic and applied physiology
  • Legal considerations
  • Basic pharmacology
  • Immobilizing drugs
  • Principles of physical & chemical capture & restraint
  • Handling of immobilizing drugs, safety & first aid
  • Species requirements with regards drugs
  • Stress & capture related mortality
  • Basic weapon handling
  • Ballistics and darting systems
  • Overview of physical capture methods
  • Post mortem investigation