The CPRWA Course held at Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve is organised year round by a team consisting of Dr. Chap Masterson (who replaced Dr. Chris Foggin) and Lorna York based in Harare. Chap provides overall control of the course prior to and once it begins in Malilangwe. Mark Saunders, Colin Wenham, Tracey Fouche, Bruce and Sarah Clegg play a significant part in supporting the Course from the Malilangwe side. Importantly, Colin Wenham, as wildlife manager on the reserve plays a critical role in organising and overseeing the field operations from lion to rhino immobilisation, and providing oversight in terms of safety. Mark Saunders, as Executive Director, provides oversight and support during the course. Jaella Claypole and Greg Foggin both provide specific support and assist with course organisation. Lorna York is in charge of administration, first aid and trying to control everyone!

The Malilangwe Trust


Mark Saunders

Executive Director, The Malilangwe Trust
Mark has been the Executive Director of the Malilangwe Trust since 2010. The Malilangwe Wildlife Estate is a near perfect location to conduct a course of this nature and Mark has been very supportive of the course since he took over as Executive Director. This has instilled a level of confidence in terms of the courses’s sustainability in an often challenging climate.  He provides an overview of the Malilangwe Trust and its activities at the beginning of the course, which sets the scene for the coming days. Mark participates in many of the field activities and is always at hand to help with any issues and problems.

Colin Wenham

Colin Wenham

Colin Wenham is Wildlife Manager in charge of all wildlife activities on Malilangwe including managing, capturing, moving, tagging of wildlife, etc. Colin is a pivotal person with regards the CPRWA and his support for the course has been unflagging, professional and has helped make the course a practical feast!

Mike Ball

Mike Ball

Mike is in charge of law enforcement throughout the Wildlife Estate, including running a very professional, disciplined and efficient anti-poaching unit(s). Mike is the son of Barry Ball who was a member of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks in Zimbabwe for many years. Mike oversees safety and security issues at the CPRWA course.

Bruce and Sarah

Bruce and Sarah Clegg

Bruce and Sarah are both ecologists and are involved in all aspects of research on Malilangwe, carrying out their own and overseeing others. Some of the management opportunities during the course are related to the need to monitor wildlife to support research, for example, identifying young rhino through ear notching, implanting ID tags, collecting DNA samples etc. and placing tracking collars on lion.

Zimbabwe Wild-Vet Trust

Chap Masterson

Dr. Chap Masterson


Chap was born and raised in Zimbabwe with a livestock and game ranching background. He graduated from Vet school at Onderstepoort, University of Pretoria in 2001, before working as a wildlife veterinarian in South Africa through to 2011. He then moved back to Zimbabwe with his family as the veterinarian for the Lowveld Rhino Trust / International Rhino Foundation.
In 2012, Chap founded the Zimbabwe Wildlife Veterinary Trust (ZWVT) dedicated to conservation in Zimbabwe with emphasis on promoting land-use harmonization and holistic productivity of ecosystems-wildlife-livestock-cropping; addressing conservation medicine and veterinary issues at the livestock-wildlife interface and, most importantly, promotion of sustainable participation of communities in conservation-based enterprise and natural resource management, particularly within Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCAs).

Lorna York

Lorna York

Lorna York is a Zimbabwean, an ex – farmers wife and keen photographer. Over the years Lorna has developed a photo library of activities at the CPRWA course and is adept at catching candid camera moments. The York family have been involved in different fields of wildlife for many years, in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Mozambique.

She was asked to help out on the course 5 years ago and has enjoyed the experience so much that she finds herself still involved. She is a pivotal person in the general organisation of the course and maintains a remarkable sense of humour throughout, it cannot be easy!


Dr. Columbus Chaitezvi

Columbus is Head of the Government Veterinary Service Wildlife Unit (GVS WU). He took over from Dr. Chris Foggin in 2011 and along with other colleagues (Dr. Norman Mukarati, Faculty of Vet Science, University of Zimbabwe), deals with wildlife health issues throughout Zimbabwe. Columbus helps organize the CPRWA course, as well as assisting with teaching duties at the course. The GVS WU also provides some support in terms of equipment used.

Jaelle Claypole

Jaelle Claypole

Jaelle Claypole has been assisting organising and sample processing for the dangerous drugs course since 2012.

Jaelle was born in Switzerland but she was brought up and completed her schooling in Zimbabwe, where she developed a strong passion for nature. Following in this field, she then attended Rhodes University completing a BA degree, majoring in environmental science and geography and furthering her studies at Rhodes by completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Management, one of the modules being the formation of a business in Ecological Field Research.

Jaelle then worked in Hwange National Park with the Oxford University sponsored Lion Research project for a year and then as an ecologist for Wilderness Safaris Zimbabwe on a private concession, also in Hwange.

In August 2011 she moved to Harare, where she assisted Dr. Chris Foggin at the Wildlife Veterinary Unit, whilst completing her Masters of Philosophy Degree in Wildlife Management, via correspondence through the University of Pretoria. Jaelle has her dangerous drugs licence, and therefore assists Dr. Foggin in operations for disease surveillance, collaring and treatment, as well as helping in the laboratory doing sample processing.

Greg Foggin

Greg Foggin

Greg Foggin is the son of Dr. Chris Foggin. Greg is a Chief Engineer on oil and gas ships that sail the open seas, he returns to Zimbabwe often to take a break from sailing around the world. During these periods, he helps his father Chris Foggin with his wildlife field work and he has been an integral part of the CPRWA course, assisting in the day-to-day running of the course, he is an important cog-in-the-wheel. Greg does have a helicopter license on top of his engineering skills.