In the late 1980s, early 1990s the course was improved with an increasingly diverse group of lecturers attending, 3 days of lecturing with a practical component and an examination. Lecturers were asked to develop handouts for the students to support their lectures. In 1996, Dr. Mike Kock transferred these notes into a desk-top publishing package which was edited yearly. These edited lecture notes were compiled together into a book, which was photocopied and bound each year with updates and additional notes. This ring bound book grew to become the basis for the first professionally published edition of the Manual, published in 2006 (First Edition) in Quark Xpress® with Drs Mike Kock, “Woody” Meltzer and Richard Burroughs as Editors. Five hundred copies were printed and all have been sold. In 2012, all the chapters were updated, new chapters added and the manual grew by 100 pages. This time a professional team was assembled in Cape Town with Les Martens overseeing the publishing work, graphic designer Paula Wood working with Adobe In-Design® with Kathleen Sutton proof reading and Sanet le Roux creating the index. This resulted in the Second Edition of the Manual, bigger, very professional with a crisper design, edited photos to the highest quality and beautifully bound and stitched with a robust cover! 1500 manuals were printed and all sold. A reprint of 500 was done in February 2015. Drs Mike Kock and Richard Burroughs were the Editors as, unfortunately, Professor “Woody” Meltzer died in 2009 but is remembered in the Second Edition.